Intermediate Care Facilities Menus Service

By Dietary Directions, Inc., Updated and reviewed semi-annually by Rhonda Gostanian, RD

  • Menus are planned for two seasons annually
  • Order guides included
  • Both seasons consist of 4-week cycle menu
  • All days offer an alternate choice at noon meal
  • Planned for clients who attend workshops outside of facilities, however hot entrée available for in-home clients
  • Easy to prepare meals for minimal staffing of home
  • Menus offer small, medium, and large portions for each menu item
  • Holiday menus included
  • Therapeutic diets include:
    • Regular
    • Mechanical
    • Puree
    • Low Concentrated Sweets
    • No Added Salt
    • Low Cholesterol
    • Vegetarian
    • Calorie/Diabetic Controlled food patterns
    • Other miscellaneous diets

Cost: $100 per cycle or $200 per year

Discounts available on volume orders >5 – contact us

HPSI Menu Services – contact Mary Vester Toews, RD at for menu presentation and information.