Always consult your physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.

We are excited to announce that Dietary Directions, Inc. has partnered with Health Management Resources® (HMR®) the nation’s leading provider of weight loss services to the medical community, to offer the new HMR at Home® Diet Kits, an innovative diet program that is sure to give you some real weight-loss momentum… and results! Mary Vester-Toews, RD, President of Dietary Directions, Inc. researched the professional weight loss programs available in the industry. She selected HMR for the scientific data, ease of compliance and her personal experience. Mary wanted to try the diet herself before offering it to our customers. As a post-menopausal woman, over 50 and on estrogen replacement, Mary knew permanent weight loss was very difficult. She successfully lost 20 pounds with the program and has kept it off. Mary was able to follow the plan with a hectic work schedule, frequent travel and limited time to cook and shop. The best thing she liked about the plan was that she was always full and the philosophy that "more is better" kept her on the plan.

To help you get the most out of your kit and to achieve the most weight loss possible, Dietary Directions’ own Registered Dietitians will provide individual support to give you the extra accountability, support, and follow-up that can be so critical to your success. You may also experience a decrease in your diabetes and/or anti-hypertensive medications. Dietary Directions, Inc. is also offering an Indirect Calorimeter reading which tells you precisely how many calories your body actually burns, calculates how many calories you should eat to lose weight, and how many calories to eat to maintain your goal weight once attained. This test can easily be done at our office for a $50.00 fee.

HMR at Home Weight-Loss Programs: The Most Convenient Way to Quickly Lose Weight

HMR at Home weight-loss programs include the same low-calorie diet products and principles that have helped HMR clinic patients achieve and maintain healthy weight loss. They can work for you, too—right in your own home.

Everything You Need for Fast and Effective Weight Loss

HMR at Home weight-loss programs include everything you need to get started, lose weight quickly, and stay motivated:

  • They’re healthy, highly structured, and practical. No counting calories, carbs or points. No decisions to make—everything is detailed in your step-by-step daily diet plan.
  • Cost-effectiveness is built right in. You may actually save money while losing weight, feeling better, and looking great.
  • HMR’s delicious, nutritious diet foods are portable and require no refrigeration. Have an HMR meal or snack wherever and whenever hunger strikes.

Choose the Diet Kit That’s Right for You

HMR at Home offers two do-it-yourself weight-loss kits, each with a complete collection of HMR diet foods, weight-loss tools, and tips.

Healthy Solutions Quick Start™ Diet Kit Contents

Your complete three-week Healthy Solutions Quick Start Diet Kit includes:

  • 44 assorted HMR Entrees including:
    Lasagna with Meat Sauce (5)
    Turkey Chili with Beans (5)
    Chicken Pasta Parmesan (5)
    Cheese and Basil Ravioli* (5)
    Vegetable Stew with Beef (5)
    Mushroom Risotto* (5)
    Chicken with Barbecue Sauce (3)
    Chicken Creole (3)
    Savory Chicken (3)
    Mexican-Style Bean and Beef Enchiladas (3)
    Five-Bean Casserole* (2)
  • 72 servings of HMR low-calorie shakes/pudding mix – available in vanilla and chocolate, regular (HMR 120) and/or lactose-free (HMR 70 Plus)
  • Quick Start™ Guide – your first steps toward weight loss
  • Program Support Guide – a step-by-step guide to planning your Healthy Solutions Quick Start DietProgram
  • Weekly Progress Chart – for keeping track of your progress, including exercise

Why HMR Weight-Loss Foods?

  • Proven to work
  • Low-fat and low-calorie
  • Flavorful and nutritious
  • Recommended by physicians nationwide
  • Simple to make—ready in a minute
  • No guesswork or decisions about what to eat
  • Portable—no refrigeration necessary
  • Versatile—mix HMR Entrees with vegetables, add fruit to turn HMR Shakes into smoothies, and more

Weight-Loss Entrees: The Same Delicious Diet Meals Used in HMR Clinics Nationwide

HMR’s delicious weight-loss entrees have been helping dieters lose weight for years. You can, too, with these healthful, savory meals.

Rich in nutrition and flavor, HMR diet entrees can be combined with your favorite vegetables for a totally satisfying meal. And they’re microwaveable—ready in a minute. What’s more, you can store them at room temperature—no refrigeration required. Enjoy HMR diet meals at home, work, or anywhere!

Not available in any store, HMR weight-loss entrees are available through Dietary Directions, and conveniently delivered to your door. Each portion-controlled, low-fat entree includes the highest quality ingredients, creating a healthy, mouth-watering, restaurant-style meal that will leave you full and satisfied.

Weight-Loss Shakes: Delicious, Nutritious, and Clinically Proven!

HMR weight-loss shakes are rich, creamy, and packed with vitamins and minerals. Best of all, HMR diet shakes work! You get taste, nutrition and great weight-loss results—all in one. That is why HMR’s low-calorie, low-fat shakes have been recommended by physicians for over 25 years.

Versatile, Portable Diet Shakes Ready in Minutes

  • Mix with water and ice in just minutes—no milk needed
  • Add frozen or fresh fruit for delicious, healthy fruit smoothies
  • Mix in diet sodas for mouth-watering floats
  • Make puddings, mousses, “ice cream,” and other delectable treats
  • Enjoy hot chocolate, hot mocha blasts, banana coladas, and more
  • Make delicious, satisfying shakes at home, work, or anywhere—no refrigeration required

The HMR Weight-Loss Shake Family

  • HMR 120 Shake – 120 calories in each scoop, with vitamins and minerals right in the mix
  • HMR 70 Plus Shake – Make shakes or puddings with this 110-calorie, lactose-free mix.
  • Contact us today to find out more about this exciting program and find out how to get started with this new option that is sure to motivate, inspire, and support you to finally lose the weight you want! Call 559-451-0460.

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