Our Mission

To become the leading provider of dietetic consulting services throughout the Western United States. To work proactively with each client to meet their needs. To continue with partnerships to expand our products and services to maximize our capabilities and achieve 100% customer satisfaction.


Dietary Directions, Inc. was established in 1979 by Patricia Rusch, MPH, RD and Mary Vester-Toews, RD to provide continuity of nutritional care to health care facilities. A partnership was formed that became Dietary Directions, Inc. After a 25 year partnership, Patricia Rusch retired in December 2004 and Mary Vester-Toews became President of the company and established a Management Team. By sharing ideas among professionals we are able to offer our customers the latest expertise in many specialized areas of dietetics.

Scope of Service

Dietary Directions, Inc. provides a wide range of consulting services to almost 200 health care facilities throughout California. We have over 28 years of experience serving skilled nursing, acute care, dialysis centers, prisons, WIC, Headstart, senior nutrition, bariatric surgeons, and other health care facilities. Dietary Directions, Inc. provides technical advice to food service operations in business and industry. We have formed liaisons and partnerships with several organizations in business and industry, to joint venture on projects which will enhance services for our customers. Our staff provides lectures, seminars, and inservice education throughout the state to diverse groups of professionals and selected populations.

Professional Involvement

Dietary Directions, Inc. remains active and involved in local, state, national and specialty practice groups of the American Dietetic Association and is an Associate Member of the California Association of Health Care Facilities (CAHF). Our president, Mary Vester-Toews was recently elected to the position of Area Coordinator 1 of the Consultant Dietitians of Health Care Facilities of the American Dietetic Association. Many of our staff members have served or are currently in elected positions of various local, state, and national professional organizations, such as the Consultant Dietitians of California and Central Valley District of the California Dietetic Association.